Minting is LIVE!

Please make sure you are connected to the right network (Ethereum Mainnet) and the correct address. Please note: Once you make the purchase, you cannot undo this action.

We have set the gas limit to 285000 for the contract to successfully mint your NFT. We recommend that you don’t lower the gas limit.


The Lil’ Snowies Roadmap

They can’t wait to meet you and give you WARM HUGS!

Lil' Snowies go live available for minting!

This Christmas Eve is set to be yet more magical and Snowy unlike any other! Every mint counts towards growing the community, the power of the campaigns and the future of the next projects that we are preparing! Prepare for a warm hug with your Lil’ Snowies!

Launch Time: 24th December 2021 7p.m. UTC
Mint price:
 0.02021 ETH

Grab a Lil' Snowie (or more) before the big reveal!

Lil’ Snowies will reveal themselves on New Years Eve! Get ready for special events, giveaways and constant surprises that will we will share with our beloved community of Lil’ Snowies owners! Let’s make 2021 special and welcome 2022 with these frosty cute collectables!

The Life in 2022 will be more Snowy!

Well, we’ve reached the end of a hell of a year for the NFT communities, creators and supporters all around the world! Let’s celebrate our community and let us reveal our plans for what’s next to all our supporters out there. Announcements with exclusive pre-sale access for owners, merch, royalties discussions, drops any many many more!

The Lil’ Snowies Goals



We will giveaway 20 Lil’ Snowies NFTs to our Discord Members along with some special unlockable gifts.


We will donate $35k to Ocean Convervancy to Protect the Arctic and our oceans!


We are launching our merch store, announcing the creation of our next “Lil’ collection” and several community events along with with our members.


We are going to be announcing a play to earn game that we are developing and giving away parts of the land within the game!

Meet The Team

We're a small team consisted of Game Design, Art and Development. We're veterans of the Video Game industry and we're bringing our passion for gamification, community and games into our NFT projects for the blockchain. Based in Europe, travelling nomads and crazy idea inventors, we usually enjoy a mug of hot cocoa and a nice slice of apple pie, to accompany us in our chaotic and creative journeys!


Game Designer, Creator


Designer, Game Artist


Creator, Senior Developer


So what's an NFT exactly?

NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a cool way of saying it’s a truly unique digital item that YOU can buy, own, and trade.

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a crypto-wallet that can store your Ethereum, and is needed to purchase and mint a Lil’ Snowy. Having a wallet gives you an Ethereum address (i.e. 0xBv0A….675), this is where your NFT will be stored. Learn more about Metamask and how easy it is to use over here! (

This is my first NFT purchase. What should I do?

Get the Metamask Chrome or Firefox extension. Load it with ETH through services that allow you to change your money to ETH like Coinbase, Binance or Kraken. Then, click the button “MINT” on the banner to connect your wallet and approve the transaction on Metamask. That’s it !

How to mint with Metamask on a mobile device?

If you are using a mobile phone to mint our Lil’ Snowies, you need to use the Metamask application built-in browser to mint our NFTs. Therefore, please launch the Metamask application, click the 3 lines on the top left menu in the application and select “Browser”. It will open a web browser and you will be able to navigate back to to do the minting.

Where does my NFT go after I purchase a Lil' Snowy?

Your Lil’ Snowy NFT will appear in whatever address, or connected wallet you used to purchase the Lil’ Snowy. You can see your freshly minted NFT card directly on your account.

Is there a community?

Join our Discord ( server or Twitter ( account and jump in on the conversation & share your ideas!

What can I do with my Lil' Snowies? How can I trade them?

You are free to do anything with them under a non-exclusive license. Lil’ Snowies adheres to the ERC-721 standard so you can trade them on platforms like OpenSea.

Are Lil' Snowies a good collection to invest in?

Of course! Apart from the fact that Lil’ Snowies are a part of an ecosystem that’s including a plethora of “Lil'” creatures set to release in the near future, you also help the planet because we re-distribute constantly part of our earnings to charity and you help us support and evolve the project and give more value to you and our community! But like anything in life, don’t spend money can’t afford not to have!

What about Tokenomics?

We have reserved 200 Lil’ Snowies to giveaway. Most of these will be given out after launch and will not occupy the early token ids. We will also use a % of mint sales to occasionally sweep the floor, do giveaways, create and launch merch and other goodies!